On July 24th, our sweet big girl Abi turned 6. James and I drove to Perugia days earlier to purchase party supplies for her Italian / Masquerade themed party. Traditional Venetian masks were mandatory for the party. Abi loved helping set the table and placing the masks as placecards. As you can imagine, life on […]

After a quick visit to Siena, we continued north on the freeway to Florence. If you have never visited this gorgeous city, I should inform you that the roads are narrow, quite often pedestrian only mostly one way in direction. After a series of wrong turns and go arounds, James was finally able to pull […]

The sun shone brightly as we loaded the people mover with our luggage at Venice Airport. Sweat poured down our foreheads as we packed suitcases and groceries like Tetris in our van. ┬áJames safely navigated us down the freeway away from Venice as I danced in my seat to Italian folk songs and the kids […]

We’ve been on the road now for 3 months and in that time, we’ve had a few scammers try to put their moves on. Flowers being thrusted in our face, dodgy taxi drivers overcharging, touts selling junk on the side of the road, and the usual amount of gypsies and homeless people begging for money. […]

Breakfast in Italy Lunch in Monte Carlo Dinner in France three countries in one day james hired a mini cooper for the way we drove along the road with glee all the way to san remo in italy we drank espresso in the sun walked along not feeling glum watched the yachts and sailboats sway […]

I have wanted to visit Venice all my life. The chance popped up in 2007 when I toured Europe with one of my oldest friends Jess. I told her I really wanted to share the experience with James so we went to Florence instead. After a short but crammed Easy Jet flight from Nice to […]

Our transfer van made the short journey up the coast from Cannes to Nice. We had booked a 3 bedroom apartment just 2 blocks back from beach. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the real estate agent who informed us that the lift in the old building was broken and we would have to carry […]